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My research and enquiry aims to consider the role of fantasy as it engages with reality within illustration. My keyword module, and my Research and Enquiry module have a clear starting point. Capriccio: “architectural fantasy, placing together buildings, archaeological ruins and other architectural elements in fictional and often fantastical combinations”. I intend to explore specific realised projects from 18th Century to the present day in the form of  works of art or digital files and focus on practitioners and artists whose theories, concepts, styles and techniques provide me with a greater awareness within my practice.

Whilst fantasy by definition suggests a visionary idea, an illusion, a dream of Utopia and inspires imagination unrestricted by reality, fantasy can also reflect an unreal vision, a supposition based on no solid foundation and create anxieties. I examine an illustrator’s responsibility to balance both fantasy and reality within their work and consider how modern capriccios perpetuate fantasies of the built environment and question how such work relates to reality and attempts to shape it. I appreciate the terms fantasy and reality are broad and for the purpose of this study I am primarily concerned with illustrated landscapes and cityscapes, the essence of capriccio.

Choosing capriccio as my keyword is a natural progression from the work I produce within my professional career and the inspiration for my MA. “Your skyline” is a product where I take specific buildings and create a fantastical illustration in relation to a persons life (the person who has commissioned the piece). Whilst it exists as a commercially viable product my priority within practice 1 is developing my illustration style and producing a focused, well researched piece that fuses my R&E enquiry alongside my keyword analysis. I assume my work will be sold via an online gallery and have produced research within my Bibliography to support this is a sensible assumption.

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